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[Trailer] Canna Cribs – Deep Roots Podcast

cannacribs deep roots podcast channel trailer

Channel Trailer for Canna Cribs, Deep Roots, and the Canna Cribs Podcast.

Canna Cribs is a deep dive into some of the largest commercial cannabis grow operations in the world. Each episode we take you into the facility for never before seen footage. We start with genetics, and walk you through the lifecycle of the plant to propagation, vegetation, flowering, curing, trimming and even packaging. At the end of every episode, stay tuned to see us visit a local dispensary where we can buy the product, fully showcasing the seed to sale experience. After the crew visits the dispensary, we find a nice local spot to enjoy the product, a true farm to table experience!

Deep Roots is a cultural exploration of the cannabis industry through the lens of professional cannabis growers. We were inspired by Anthony Bourdain (RIP) and his shows such as Parts Unknown. These episodes allow you to learn about the local cannabis community, along with exploring the music scene and some delicious food.

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