Cannabis Business Operations & Management

Green Belt Strategies has extensive experience managing the operations of commercial cultivation, retail, and manufacturing facilities. We can assist with staffing, training, operating, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, market analysis, and project management.

Green Belt Strategies focuses on efficient use of resources, most notably labor. Green Belt Strategies empowers its client’s staff though training and cross-training, helping to balance labor across the production schedule and around the facility, creating a career path for staff, and an optimized labor force, leading to lower COGs, and a more profitable business. By addressing the problem associated with employee fatigue/burn-out, Green Belt Strategies and its partners have seen both increase employee morale and retention.

In addition to our focus on training and staff retention, we have developed Standard Operating Procedures for Cultivation, Retail, and Manufacturing businesses, both in/out of the cannabis space. Our extensive portfolio of operational documentation serves as the springboard by which we train our client’s staff, and is what has made our operations a success across each part of the cannabis industry.

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