[Full Episode] Deep Roots Season 1, Episode 6: Largest Aeroponic Cannabis Farm in World: Aeriz (Phoenix, Arizona)

Cannacribs Season 1 Episode 6 Aeroponic grow in Phonex Arizona Prop 207

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Deep Roots Season 1, Episode 6
Largest Aeroponic Cannabis Farm in World: Aeriz (Phoenix, Arizona)

‘Aeriz’ is a cannabis grow operation located in Phoenix, Arizona that grows 100% aeroponically. Aeroponic cultivation is a revolutionary grow process that uses a recyclable grow medium instead of soil. Clean white roots are suspended in a custom-fitted table and misted with the precise amounts of nutrients and water. ‘Aeriz’ is a 68,000 square foot facility with about 40,000 square feet of canopy size.

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Table of Contents:

0:00 Opening Credits:
1:10 Restaurant (Cornish Pasty)
04:56 Genetics & Mothers
07:29 Propagation & Root Cuttings
10:58 Vegetation Cycle
11:46 WS Hampshire Customized Tables
15:04 Growing Flower
15:32 IPM with Hygrozyme / HyShield
19:41 Green Belt / Rain Strategies Cannabis Consulting
25:52 Curing Your Flower
27:45 Boveda Humidity Control Packs
29:37 Packaging & Design
31:25 Processing & Extractions
33:40 Vacuum Ovens Across International
34:49 Dispensary at Marigold
38:06 Consumption & Smoking
42:06 Grand Avenue Records
44:01 Closing Credits

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