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Learn How To Grow Cannabis On A Commercial Scale

Learn How To Grow Cannabis On A Commercial Scale

Learn How To Grow Cannabis On A Commercial Scale

In this course, Cameron Bravmann takes you through what you need to know to set up your own professional cannabis cultivation operation. Includes information on preparing legal paperwork, lighting, nutrients, cannabis propagation and more!

  0. Introduction Video: Professional Cannabis Cultivation

  1. Professional Cultivation – Lesson 1: Forms & Logs – Paperwork?! In Cannabis?!
  2. Professional Cultivation – Lesson 2: Lighting – A Lighting Plan That’s in Your Best Interest
  3. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 3: Nutrients – Limit Costs by Eliminating Liquid Based Macros
  4. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 4: Propagation – Avoiding Generational Fade and Mitigating Risk
  5. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 5: Media – The Media Influence: Rockwool, Peat, and Coco
  6. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 6: Transplanting – Avoiding Transplant Shock
  7. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 7: Vegetation – Achieve a 15% Boost in Your Harvest
  8. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 8: Pesticide Application – Frying Pests from the Inside Out
  9. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 9: RFID & Tracking – It Starts with the Mother
  10. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 10: Canopies + Bench & Trellis – Making the Most of Your Space
  11. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 11: Understanding Mother Selection for Your Grow Operation
  12. Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 12: Understanding How to Orientate Your Flower Rooms

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