How To Commercially Harvest Cannabis (8 Videos in Series)

How To Commercially Harvest Cannabis

In this course, Cameron Bravmann takes you through the workflow necessary to successfully harvest your cannabis. Includes information on preparation, drying, trimming, curing, and more!

Lesson Contents:

  1. Preharvest – Preparing for Your Harvest
    In this lesson, Cameron discusses when and how to harvest your cannabis. Includes information on cannabis compliance, preparing your rooms, necessary equipment and personnel, and much more!
  2. Harvest – How and When to Harvest Your Cannabis
    Cameron teaches you about efficiently harvesting your plants in a commercial facility. Includes info on choosing which cannabis strains to harvest first, equipment cleaning, and more.
  3. How to Dry Your Cannabis
    Wondering how to dry your cannabis? Cameron teaches you how to dry cannabis in a commercial facility. Includes information on various drying methods, how long to dry cannabis, proper environment for cannabis drying, and more!
  4. Wet or Dry? How to Trim Your Cannabis
    How do you trim cannabis? In this lesson, Cameron teaches you about trimming cannabis in a commercial facility. Which is better? That will be up to you to decide. This lesson includes information on hand trimming, machine trimming, what you can do with your cannabis trim, and more!
  5. How to Cure Your Cannabis for Maximum Quality
    How do you cure cannabis is a commercial grow operation? Cameron has you covered with information on the slow cure that will bring out the personality of your cannabis, maximizing for potency, terpenes, and more!
  6. Lab Testing Your Cannabis Crop
    What testing is required for cannabis? Cameron is here to explain it all. Includes information on testing your cannabis for potency, stability, THC, CBD, & pests or diseases.
  7. How to Handle Quarantine & Potential Recall Events
    What’s quarantine and recall? In this lesson, Cameron teaches you about potential “adverse events” and what procedures commercial grows must follow should an adverse event arise. Includes information on reporting, remediation, how to quarantine your cannabis, and more!
  8. Weather Procedures for Maintaining Your Grow Environment
    Cameron discusses how outdoor weather conditions can affect an indoor grow and what you need to do to keep the environment consistent. Includes information on the best ways to maintain consistency inside, when the outside weather is anything but!

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