[Full Episode] Deep Roots – Season1, Episode 1: Green Man Cannabis with Cameron Bravmann

Deep Roots Episode 1 with Cameron Bravmann Green Man Cannabis

Deep Roots Season 1, Episode 1:
Cameron Bravmann at Green Man Cannabis in Denver, Colorado.

FULL EPISODE: Canna Cribs: Deep Roots Episode 1 at Green Man Cannabis, filmed in Denver, Colorado. Hosted by Cameron Bravmann, Professor at Growers Network University and Principal at Green Belt Strategies.

“For most of my life I’ve been a Chef, a DJ, and Grower. Nothing makes me happier than, good cuisine, great music and excellent flower. Join me on an adventure as we dig into cannabis culture. – Cameron Bravmann

Founded in 2009, Green Man Cannabis is Colorado’s premiere brand of marijuana. Green Man is currently Colorado’s largest indoor cannabis grow. The Green Man Grow Facility in Denver is 120,000 square feet! Which means this grow facility is larger than most Walmart stores!

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