[Full Episode] Deep Roots Season 1, Episode 2: Fox Hollow Flora in Eugene, Oregon

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Deep Roots Season 1, Episode 2:
Cameron Bravmann at Fox Hollow Flora in Eugene, Oregon.

Fox Hollow Flora is a premium cannabis producer south of Eugene, Oregon. They’ve been providing high quality flowers to medical dispensaries in the Eugene area since 2013. Their motivation is forged by the hard truth that you will always get out exactly what you put in. Their goal is to maintain responsible growth and continue exploring ways to understand their plants, their genetics, and their bar for excellence. Fox Hollow Flora believes the country is depending on them to set a standard for Pacific Northwest cannabis, that will be unmatched by any other region in the world. They accept this honor to represent the great state of Oregon in this special moment of our nation’s history; they will never take it for granted.

Fox Hollow Flora strongly encourages cannabis users to buy Oregon grown and crafted. Oregon growers are humble to the plant, organically focused, and respectful of the earth. Their rapidly growing cannabis industry is a symbol of respect, equality, and compassion. It’s not about hype in Oregon weed; it’s quality over quantity in every aspect of the industry.

Table of Contents:

Rexius Custom Soil Blend – 4:59
Earth Juice Hi-Brix –
Down to Earth Dry Amendments (focus: BioLive, Bat Guano, Sea Bird Guano) –
HD Grow Box Rolling carts (3×6 & 4×8) –
Quest Dehumidifier –
Next G3N Greenhouse –
Summer Blue Optics –
Oregon’s Only (Nectar for the Gods) –
Gruene Anolyte Growash –
Sierra Bags –

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