[Full Episode] Deep Roots: Connected Cannabis Co & Alien Labs (Phoenix, Arizona)

Deep Roots Canna Cribs Cameron Bravmann Connected Alien Labs Season 1 Episode 7

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Deep Roots Season 1, Episode 7:
Cameron Bravmann with Connected Cannabis Co & Alien Labs
Arizona Prop 207 Expansion Cannabis Farm

There are few names in the California cannabis industry that turn heads when you hear their name and ‘Connected Cannabis Co’ and ‘Alien Labs’ are a couple of them. Renowned for their award-winning flower and extravagant branding, the two companies work closely together on collaborations, branding, and business dealings.

This past year the two companies opened up their long-awaited expansion in Phoenix, Arizona where they saw a warm welcome. This episode is an exclusive look at how these famed California growers are replicating their products to bring the fire to the Arizona desert.

Table of Contents

0:00 – Opening
09:08 – Clonex Cloning Gel
11:47 – BioSafe Systems Pest Management
14:36 – Method Seven Filters
15:51 – Chemical Control with Prokure G
17:24 – Quest Dehumidifiers
19:43 – Quest Expanded Chat
25:10 – Trimming with Trim Bins
25:39 – Grove Bags Packaging
29:36 – Green Rush Packaging

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