How to Implement an IPM Plan in Your Commercial Grow Operation (4 Video Series)

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How to Implement an IPM Plan in Your Commercial Grow Operation

In this course, Cameron Bravmann takes you through the steps necessary to implement a robust IPM plan in your commercial grow. Includes information on plan development, record keeping, pest and disease identification, and more!

Lesson Contents:

1. Commercial Cannabis Professional IPM Procedures
The steps of an integrated Pest Management system for your commercial grow are laid out simply. Pesticides are a last resort!

2. Using Commercial IPM Forms & Logs in your Professional Cannabis Operation
What kind of IPM records should you be keeping in your commercial grow? How can accurate record keeping improve your facility’s product? Cameron covers all of this and more.

3. Insect ID (coming soon…)
What is on my plants? This lesson will teach the commercial grower about the tools that will help identify pests quickly and accurately in their commercial grow.

4. Disease ID (coming soon…)
What’s wrong with my plants? In this lesson, Cameron teaches commercial growers about the resources available to help diagnose plant disease quickly and accurately.

If you enjoy this course, consider enrolling through the link in the video descriptions. Growers Network University has courses for hobbyist cannabis growers in addition to our professional growing and harvest courses. These cannabis courses are offered free of charge as we continue our mission to normalize the amazing cannabis plant!

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